GDPT-BPTuesday, Aug. 12th, 2014 –

Dimensions Consulting has conducted an internal analysis workshop, as part of a Business Planning project, with the Palestinian General Directorate of Property Tax. Dimensions is working on creating a business plan for GDPT to fulfill their strategic goals and improve their services. This project is sponsored by USAID and contracted by Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI).

During the workshop, a review of the current findings and Dimensions’ analysis and assessment of GDPT was presented. Mr. Firas Zaghal, CEO of Dimensions Consulting, gave a detailed analysis of the status quo, its weaknesses and failures, and Dimensions’ proposed solution and approach to tackle these problems. The analysis mainly covered the financials, HR, IT assessment, and services of GDPT, and was able to point red flags and suggest ways to improve the overall performance of GDPT.

The purpose of this workshop was to present and complete the internal analysis phase of the business plan process, and to get some of the staff’s comments on the process, involve them in it, as well as to get a sense their expectations. For this purpose, Dimensions grouped the staff and asked them to work on coming up with their own SWOT Analysis, then produced a consolidated list of the groups’ work. A stakeholder analysis was also conducted with the staff, where the staff shared the comments and concerns of their clients.


Dimensions Consulting (est. 2007) is a firm specialized in regional business consultancy services, with clients including multinational organizations, public sector entities, and SMEs in the MENA area. For the past seven years, Dimensions has played an integral part in the growth and progress of the Palestinian economy, having worked with clients to help them succeed through both prosperous and challenging economic environments, and providing quality solutions to their complex business issues. Since founded, Dimensions has offered its professional services to more than 150 organizations locally and regionally, and keeps expanding its client base to cover more industries and locations.



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