Palestine Investment Fund established the Jerusalem Grant Facility in 2014 to support small and medium enterprise SMEs in East Jerusalem. The facility is funded by the European Union, and aims to promote private sector growth and development in East Jerusalem by sporting new and existing business enterprises and ventures and contributing to the certain if new job and business opportunities.

Dimensions Consulting was contracted by JGF to assist in developing the needed assessments for potential beneficiaries (SMEs) that meet the facility general criteria. The advisory provided a financial assessment including the feasibility for the proposed ideas and the expansions plans submitted by the applicants.

Dimensions Consulting work revealed around performing various types of analysis in order to assist JGF in making the final decision and collect relevant information. In addition of recommendation provided by Dimensions concerning how healthy the business currently is or whether it has potential. Dimensions under this scope worked with around 40 SMEs in creating their assessments and feasibility studies, those feasibility included the following:

1.Narrative brief about each of the companies, its operations, products, and services, management teams, etc…

2.Risk analysis: any legal or financial risks that continue to place liabilities on the company.

3.Financial feasibility and financial position that included:

  • Estimated market share
  • Business scalability
  • Competition
  • Financial indicators
  • Financial projections
  • Future investment opportunities


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