The program of “Regeneration of Historic Centers HCs in Local Governments Units” (called the “RHC program”) is funded by the Belgium Government to support the regeneration planning, practice and policy development in Palestine. The integration of the protection and development of HCs in Local Governments brings together three key national strategic priorities: supporting Palestine’s historical cultural significance, integrated planning processes and local economic development. RHC aligns to and supports the established Local Government (LG) planning and services delivery systems in Palestine, with a specific focus on the integration of regeneration into these processes. The program supports sustainable institutional capacity development and -at the same time- respects the priorities and requirements of the Local Government Units (LGUs) and their communities.

Under this scope, Dimensions Consulting with its Joint Venture VNG International have started the implementation of Preparing Preliminary Feasibility Assessments and Business Plans/Models, for the Interventions of the Regeneration of Historic Centers Program in Seven LGUs in West Bank:
1- Arrabeh
2- Anabta
3- Burqa & Sabastiyeh
4- Nilin
5- As Samou
6- Ad- Daheriya

خلال لقاء الافتتاح مع منسقي المراكز التاريخية – ضمن «مشروع إعداد تقييمات أولية ودراسات جدوى وخطط عمل للمراكز التاريخية في سبع هيئات محلية في الضفة الغربية»

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