On the 2nd and 3rd of January 2018, Dimensions Consulting held a 2-day business planning workshop with senior executives and departmental managers from Safa Bank. A relatively new bank that started operations in 2016, Safa Bank engaged Dimensions Consulting to develop a 5-year business plan covering the years 2018-2022.

The 2-day workshop focused on participatory planning with management at the Bank, covering services, institutional development, responsibilities’ matrix, performance indicators and budgets. On the 1st day, Dimensions Consulting worked with 20 senior and mid-level managers at the Bank’s Business Unit in order to operationalize the Bank’s strategic objectives. The Bank’s team divided themselves into objective-specific groups, where each group was tasked with developing an action plan related to that strategic objective. Presentations and a general discussion followed to further refine action planning and identify plausible synergies in resource allocation. This methodology was repeated on the 2nd day, working with 15 personnel from the Bank’s Business Support Unit.

Action planning paid special attention to Safa Bank’s competitive advantages, where working groups were tasked with detailing how their proposed mix of actions maximizes the Bank’s competitive positioning. Individual departmental meetings will now follow in order to finalize the 5-year plan by the end of the month.

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