On Tuesday, January 8 2018, Dimensions Consulting held a kick-off meeting with Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO), a non-governmental organization working to “impart knowledge and skills to guide young people’s development as professionals, community leaders and parents.” Financed by the Qatar Fund for Development, TYO’s Youth Entrepreneurship Program focuses on enhancing the leadership and business skills of youth entrepreneurs in the northern West Bank, helping them to develop their business ideas into viable commercial entities. TYO has contracted Dimensions Consulting to deliver customized training services to approximately 50 youth trainees engaged in this Program.

The kick-off meeting was held at TYO’s HQ in Nablus. Dimensions Consulting presented the main training topics and methodologies, while 47 youth from the north of the West Bank presented their business ideas, outlining business skills that they need in order to help them bring their ideas to fruition.

Leveraging its significant experience in the delivery of business training services across the Arab world, Dimensions Consulting has designed a bespoke training solution that directly addresses the needs of youth and business norms in the Palestinian Territories. A total of 70 hours of training will be delivered to youth over 10 sessions, from January to April 2018. Training topics cover business planning, financial feasibility assessments, marketing, leadership, communications and entrepreneurship.


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