On January 4, 2018, Dimensions Consulting held a high-level planning meeting with the Municipality of Sabastiya in the Nablus Governorate in order to explore options for the rehabilitation of Al Bayder Plaza, a large and undeveloped land area of 12 dunnums adjacent to the Roman amphitheater in the town, a major tourist attraction.


With the participation of the Mayor, the Chief Engineer and various municipal officials, Dimensions Consulting reviewed plausible development options for the Plaza and facilitated a discussion on how best to utilize this land area; through the physical rehabilitation of the Plaza’s surface to make it more accessible to tourists; the opening of kiosks and stalls to serve the general public and the possibility of holding public fairs and children’s activities at the renovated location. Special emphasis was paid to estimating the size of the tourist market and identifying products for sale at kiosks and stalls that do not compete with existing local retail outlets.


This initiative falls under the remit of the Ministry of Local Government’s Regeneration of Historic Centers (RHC) Program. With funding from the Belgian Development Agency (BTC), Dimensions Consulting has been contracted by the RHC Program to prepare preliminary feasibility assessments and draft business plans for the regeneration of 21 historic structures at towns in the West Bank, including Sabastiya and the neighboring town of Burqa. This assignment is based on an integrated approach to historical regeneration, with emphasis paid to both economic and socio-cultural aspects of historic regeneration.


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