On 24 January 2018 Dimensions Consulting participated in a joint consultation workshop organized by Enabel (formerly BTC – the Belgian Development Agency) on the rehabilitation of historic centers in the Palestinian Territories. The workshop aimed to facilitate an active dialogue between different stakeholders in historic rehabilitation. More than 30 participants attended from the ministries of Tourism and Local Government, the Municipal Development and Lending Funding (MDLF), engineering companies, research institutes, architectural practices and business/finance consultants.

The workshop commenced with a series of presentation on the role of different stakeholders in the rehabilitation process. Dimensions Consulting, in association with our partners VNG International, gave a brief outline of the financial and business dimensions of historic rehabilitation, emphasizing the need undertake detailed planning on the operation of historic structures after their rehabilitation has been complete. Additional presentations were given by the Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP), the Center for Engineering and Planning (CEP), Bayt Al Handassah, Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem (ARIJ) and Ma’an Development Center. This was followed by a group discussion on the main challenges to historic rehabilitation and linkages between the different stakeholders. The workshop concluded by identifying how stakeholders can work together, and help each other, in work processes related to historic rehabilitation.

Funded primarily by Enabel, the Rehabilitation of Historic Centers (RHC) Program is managed by the Ministry of Local Government. Dimensions Consulting has recently been commissioned by the RHC Program to complete prefeasibility assessments and business modeling for the renovation of historic structures at seven towns in the West Bank.

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