The present education system is only able to meet the Palestinian private sector’s demand for qualified specialists to a very limited extent. The same is true of academically trained professionals and managers. The need of companies for qualified specialists contrasts sharply with the high number of unemployed university graduates. According to recent studies, around 60 per cent of graduates are initially unemployed on completion of their degrees. At the same time, employers have found that although most graduates have sound theoretical knowledge, they often lack practical and soft skills.

“Dual studies” is an educational system that combines the theoretical study with the practical application. Al-Quds University launched the Dual Studies in 2015 with funding from the German Government through GIZ. Dual Studies have been designed to contribute to raising the professional level of the Palestinian youth and providing good jobs for students after graduation. Moreover, it aims to bridge the gap between the academic educational outcomes and the needs and requirements of the Palestinian labor market. Dual studies is being implemented along the lines of the German experience which mainly depends on the integration of academic study and linking students in the work environment since the first day of enrolling to the specialty. All of which provides students with the opportunity to study at Al-Quds University as well as have the chance to practice the profession their studies suggest in one of the specialized Palestinian companies throughout the bachelor years. Dual Studies puts a priority to encourage the participation of women at the same level of male students.

The main objective of the program:

Employment opportunities for Palestinian youth are improved as a result of training measures geared to the labour market. Both students and the Palestinian private sector benefit from the introduction of a dual study programme.

“الدراسات الثنائية” هو النظام الدراسي الأول من نوعه في فلسطين والذي يجمع بين الدراسة النظرية والتطبيق العملي. أطلقت جامعة القدس “الدراسات الثنائية” في عام 2015 بتمويل من الحكومة الألمانية من خلال مؤسسة التعاون الألماني GIZ. وقد صممت “الدراسات الثنائية” للمساهمة في رفع المستوى المهني لدى الشباب الفلسطيني وتوفير فرص عمل جيدة للطلاب بعد تخرجهم، وجسر الفجوة بين مخرجات التعليم الأكاديمي واحتياجات ومتطلبات سوق العمل الفلسطيني. يتم تطبيق “الدراسات الثنائية” على غرار التجربة الألمانية، وتعتمد على تحقيق التكامل بين الدراسة الأكاديمية وربط الطالب في بيئة العمل منذ اليوم الأول من التحاقه بالدراسة، حيث يوفر للطالب فرصة التعلم في جامعة القدس والتطبيق العملي في إحدى الشركات الفلسطينية المتخصصة الشريكة مناصفة على مدار سنوات البكالوريوس.


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