The Palestinian Upgrading and Modernization Program (PUMP) is a program funded by AFD. The main partner of AFD is the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE). Recipients are Palestinian private sector enterprises. Stakeholders are the Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI), the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (FPCCIA) and PalTrade (the organization in charge of promoting Palestinian exports).

Dimensions Consulting was contracted by PFI in order to develop a feasibility study for the development of the first Palestinian packaging center.

The establishment of such Palestinian Packaging Center has been a recognized initiative, for a number of years, of MoNE, PFI, PalTrade and other Palestinian organisations; such a center being able to ensure that Palestinian SMEs are able to effectively operate in their own economy and participate in export markets through the utilization of packaging that is appropriate, innovative and compliant with technical, quality, and hygiene standards.

The objective of the Centre is to assist Palestinian SMEs to upgrade and improve their packaging and labeling capabilities so as to improve market access, national and internationally. The Palestinian Packaging Center will seek to build competitiveness, compliance and market access of the Palestinian processing sector through building associated capacities in export packaging, labeling and market requirements.

The feasibility study, therefore, will provide the financial, economic, industrial, TVET and environmental justifications for establishment of such a center in Palestine, and provide the ‘evidenced’ justification for donor support.

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