We are so proud to finalize the Feasibility Study for the Development of a Palestinian Packaging Centre (PalPack)

In September 2019, the Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI) commissioned Dimensions Consulting to undertake a feasibility analysis for the establishment of the Palestinian Packaging Center (PalPack). The objective of the feasibility study is to assess the economic, financial, technological and environmental viability of PalPack, while estimating demand and identifying required roles and functions that PalPack should perform, be these informational, testing, training/vocational or educational.

The establishment of a Palestinian Packaging Centre (PalPack) has been a recognized need for a number of years. The Ministry of National Economy (MoNE), the Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI), the Palestine Trade Center (Paltrade) and other organizations all agreed that such a center would help enhance the performance of Palestinian SMEs and their ability to penetrate export markets. PalPack will facilitate the appropriate utilization of packaging, compliant with required technical, quality and hygienic standards.

The Palestinian packaging industry is considered to be weak. Despite the existence of SMEs that produce various forms of packaging materials, there is a marked lack of knowledge on designing and manufacturing quality packaging materials compliant with standards in international markets. Palestine also lacks a technical/vocational education and training (TVET) structure to train a workforce in packaging skills/methods. Additionally, Palestine does not currently have a consolidated, institutional infrastructure for packaging at the national level.

Under the leadership of PUMP, stakeholders have decided to establish PalPack as a vehicle for training, testing and developing various fields of packaging technology and export packaging promotion. PalPack’s objective is to assist Palestinian SMEs in upgrading and improving their packaging and labeling capabilities, so as to enhance their market access, both nationally and internationally. PalPack will seek to boost competitiveness, compliance and market access for the Palestinian processing sector, through building capacities in export packaging and labeling requirements

Dimensions Consulting performed a thorough feasibility analysis and business modeling exercise in order to devise the ‘best-fit’ model for PalPack. This covered (i) market research, (ii) learning visits to regional centers, (iii) benchmarking against industry standards, (iv) engineering design and technical modeling, and (v) financial projections for the developed model. Learning visits targeted national packaging centers in Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

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