Organizational growth requires different types of business development services (BDS), across numerous managerial functions. External consultants, such as Dimensions Consulting, provide BDS to clients with a focus on Financial Enhancement, Planning, Procedure Development, and Operations.

We are so proud to work again with the top leading Pharmaceutical Company in Palestine – Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company (BPC) to develop a Financial Procedure Manual and Chart of Accounts.

Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company is currently engaged in implementing and adopting their new strategic plan for the years 2019-2022, the adaptation is taking into consideration the interventions and action items that were identified by Dimensions Consulting and BPC through the planning process.

Dimensions will leverage its significant experience in private sector development generally, and in working with Palestinian big corporates specifically; to provide a tailored and effective Business Development Services for Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

The objectives of the consulting assignment are to:

  • Develop the new Policies and Procedures Manual for BPC’s Financial Department considering the departments’ updated roles and responsibilities in light of BPC’s business plan 2019-2022.
  • Re-structure BPC’s Charts of Accounts considering the need for customized reporting and analysis tools
  • Build the capacity of the relevant staff to effectively use the policies and procedures manual and the new chart of accounts.

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