Away from Covid-19 and its challenges, we are extremely proud to finalize our first online capacity building program that was conducted for board members, general managers, executives and departments’ managers at medium-large size enterprises, owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs benefited from Iraq—Governance and Performance Accountability (IGPA)/Takamul Project.
The Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability (IGPA) project, known locally as “Takamul” or “Integration” supports the Iraqi Government shore up fiscal stability while rapidly and visibly improving service delivery. The project aims to build capacity for Iraqi government service delivery, improve governorate and national government public financial management, and strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure.
Project Activities:
1. Engage key Iraqi Government stakeholders to share information, coordinate activities, and introduce IGPA/Takamul and its technical approach at the national level; at the governorate level, regional managers engage local counterparts.
2. Conduct political economy analyses and related assessments to identify constraints in specific service delivery sectors; design and implement appropriate interventions.
3. Establish rapid response and high-impact priority activities so the Iraqi government and governorates can implement flexible and accountable capital projects—with local counterpart contributions—especially in provinces with disadvantaged and vulnerable populations.
As part of this program, Dimensions Consulting was contracted to help SMEs acquire the knowledge, tools, and financing to START-UP, REVITALIZE, AND GROW, by conducting an Advanced Financial Literacy Program for Women Entrepreneurs.
The main objective of the capacity building and training program is to enable the participants to use financial statements and projections in performing their roles in the business, leading to better overall financial performance and utilization of resources.
Through this training program, participating entrepreneurs and business leaders were able to move from “Fearing Finance” to “Mastering Finance”. More specifically participants were able to:
1. Categorize financial information.
2. Read financial statements.
3. Interpret financial statements.
4. Use cash flow statements in managing liquidity.
5. Link management decisions in their businesses with financial statements analysis.
6. Prepare budgets and forecasts for their businesses and expansion ideas.
7. Analyze the feasibility of their ideas and businesses from a financial perspective.
This was the first 100% online capacity building program for Dimensions Consulting, and we are very proud of finalizing it while exceeding the program’s objectives and participants’ expectations!

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