19Jul 2018

Through the closing ceremony of the 2018 Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program. TYO contracted Dimensions Consulting to deliver Dimensions Consulting Entrepreneurship Program to 50 youth trainees enrolled in the 2018 cycle of this Program. Over the course of three months, sector experts delivered 70 hours of training over eight full-day training workshops, covering entrepreneurship, business planning […]

10Jun 2018

Dimensions Consulting is a specialized management consulting company established in 2007. It provides clients in Palestine and the MENA region with a complete suite of consulting services, offering a wide range of products and systems that support the business needs of companies and organizations. Applications are invited for the position of Receptionist and Admin Assistant. This […]

27May 2018

Dimensions Consulting is pleased to announce the start of the assignment ”Development of Revenue Enhancement Plans in 55 LGUs including Deficit Reduction Strategies in the West Bank”.  The objective of this assignment is to develop Revenue Enhancement Plans in 55 Municipalities including Deficit Reduction Strategies in 29 of those Municipalities in accordance with this Tetra […]

09Apr 2018

Dimensions Consulting and Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO) held a Closing Ceremony for the 2018 cycle of the Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program. Financed by the Qatar Fund for Development, this training intervention focused on enhancing the leadership and business skills of youth entrepreneurs in the northern West Bank, helping them to develop their business ideas into […]

05Apr 2018

Dimensions Consulting and Tomorrows Youth Organization celebrated the end of phase one of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. The youth entrepreneurs did a great job presenting their businesses and ideas, which included the business idea analysis concepts they acquired through an extensive capacity building and technical assistance sessions implemented by Dimensions Consulting. #Youth #Entrepreneurship #Empowerment #ThinkBusiness#DimensionsConsulting #QFFD #TYO #Qatar #Nablus #Palestine احتفلت شركة دايمنشنز […]

11Mar 2018

السيد فراس زغل مدير شركة دايمنشنز للاستشارات خلال الحديث عن التنمية الاقتصادية المحلية ضمن برنامج بلدياتنا التنمية الاقتصادية المحلية هي عملية تشاركية بين في منطقة جغرافية محددة، تحت قيادة البلديات بالتشارك مع اصحاب الشان بما فيهم المجتمع المدني والقطاع الخاص لتحسين حياة الناس بخلق فرص عمل وتحسين الخدمات المقدمة للمواطنين”   https://www.raya.ps/raya-programs/1037325.html      

01Feb 2018

On 24 January 2018 Dimensions Consulting participated in a joint consultation workshop organized by Enabel (formerly BTC – the Belgian Development Agency) on the rehabilitation of historic centers in the Palestinian Territories. The workshop aimed to facilitate an active dialogue between different stakeholders in historic rehabilitation. More than 30 participants attended from the ministries of […]