Business Planning / Feasibility Studies

  • Saltley Business Plan and Feasibility

    Dimensions Consulting conducted a feasibility study for a salt processing factory, our team conducted an overall assessment to determine the feasibility of the new venture by providing comprehensive qualitative and quantitative information including industry insights (market trends) and financial projection built upon assumptions of cost (OPEX, CAPEX) and return (ROI, IRR).

    Furthermore, Dimensions Consultants  broke down the study to the following sections: product suitability (undertaking a detailed product profiling); market assessment (conducting an As-Is analysis of the development situation and constrains of existing products, substitutes,  and determining the suitability of the products in the different sectors), technical assessment (studying the production and operation framework, as well as resources needed, and more important the need requirement for establishing such factory); and financial assessment (addressing the business economic sustainability based on opportunity cost and investment cost).

  • Movenpick – Ramallah

    Dimensions Consulting have been contracted by the Movenpick Hotels to develop a business plan & feasibility study for Arab Hotel Company’s largest project in Palestine – the “Movenpick Hotel” in Ramallah.

    Dimensions Consulting prepared a Business plan / feasibility analysis that aimed to achieve many objectives including the estimation of the remaining costs to complete the project, the estimation of the internal and external financing needed to cover the remaining costs, setting the detailed action plan for the remaining construction and completion activities, designing recruitment plan and organizational structure, designing detailed assumptions supporting the financial projections, designing the financial projections, negotiating external financing with commercial banks, and others.

  • Nablus Soap & Detergents Co.

    Nablus Soap Company, a leading Soap production company in Nablus which export its soap worldwide, have contacted Dimensions Consulting Company to conduct their three years business plan for the expansion of the plant, introducing more products, and covering more international geographic areas covering the period between 2011 and 2013. In conducting this assignment, Dimensions Consulting Company had reviewed Nablus Soap Company historical financial data, manuals and procedures, products, organizational structure, plant design, and others.

    Following to that, Dimensions consultants had worked on assessing existing and new markets for introducing new products and in accordance developing Nablus Soap Company marketing plan. Finally, Dimensions Consulting Company had compiled the business plan that include an internal assessment, market situation, marketing plan, expansion plan, organizational structure, action plans, and financial budgets covering their three years of operations.

  • Birzeit Pharmaceuticals

    Dimensions consulting was contracted by Birzeit Pharmaceuticals to conduct a strategic planning assignment. The assignment was based on a heavy internal analysis of the historical information, including financial information, information on human resources, operational and manufacturing information, information about customers and suppliers, information about the sites operational use, and other historical information. In addition to analyzing information related to pharmaceutical market, in Palestine and outside Palestine.

    After a thorough and intensive analysis of the internal and external factors as well as through conducting workshops and meetings with the top management and staff of the company, Dimensions Consulting was able to deliver a strategic vision for the next five years, covering the domestic market and export markets.

     Finally Dimensions Consulting team was able to combine results of the different analyses as well as output of the sessions and discussions in an overall strategic covering the different managerial, operational, marketing, and financial aspects of the company.

  • CoolNet ISP

    Coolnet, a leading Internet Service Provider Company in the West Bank and East Jerusalem contracted Dimensions Consulting to conduct their three years business plan covering the period between 2010 and 2012. In conducting this assignment, Dimensions Consulting had reviewed Coolnet historical financial data, manuals and procedures, services and products, organizational structure, and others. Following to that, our consultants had worked on assessing markets for introducing new products and services and in accordance developing Coolnet marketing plan. Finally, Dimensions Consulting had compiled the business plan that include an internal assessment, market situation, marketing plan, organizational structure, action plans, and financial budgets covering their three years of operations. 

    In conclusion to this assignment, Coolnet added additional services and products to also expand and cover more geographic areas.


    Dimensions consulting provided technical assistance to Mada’s founders to develop their business. Our consultants at Dimensions Consulting did set up the corporate strategy statement for the new stage of their venture; conducted the As-Is analysis of the development situation and constrains of existing services and industry, key driven factors, market profiles, competitive landscapes, and supplier review; assessed income statement and forecast; drafted marketing plan; studied the  operation framework (the value chain and the operating model) and defined functional and positional organization structure; determine key staff and staff requirement. Moreover, Dimensions consulting facilitated a series of discussions groups in order to draft a growth strategy.

    Finally, Dimensions Consulting conducted an in depth financial analysis and assessment for Mada’s financial statements to develop a projected financial statement and ratios. 

  • Emirates French Hospital

    Dimensions Consulting worked with Emirates French Hospital in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates in preparing a feasibility analysis and business plan to assess the viability of the business idea, set the strategic framework governing the business, identify the financial resources needed to launch the services, and outline the operational aspects of the business.

    In order to achieve these objectives, Dimensions Consulting has defined the services, analyzed the market and the competition, identified the required human resources and associated organizational structure, provided the financial assumptions, and projected the financial performance and position in light of the assumptions.

  • Chemonics International - PACE Project

    The PACE project, a USAID funded project implemented by Chemonics International Inc., aims to improve the standard of living for Palestinian people by enhancing the provisions of services and institutional capacity of targeted PA ministries and institutions. Chemonics worked to improve service delivery and build capacity within the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Telecommunication and IT, and the Palestinian Land Authority.

    The primary objective of this is assignment is to work directly with the national committee in charge of the development of an integrated database of citizen information to complete a comprehensive assessment of the population, allowing the committee to establish, implement, and rollout an integrated population register for the Palestinian Authority. 

    The scope of work focuses on reviewing the Arabic terms of reference drafted by the national committee and to present a plan to complete an integrated assessment of the areas identified and outputs requested from each. The assessment included the following:

    • A rapid analysis, including strengths and weaknesses, of the current data collection protocols by the PA, using the MOH, PCBS, SJC, and MOI as examples.
    • Detailed recommendations for achieving the outputs identified in the attached Arabic terms of Reference.
    • A comprehensive action plan for the establishment of the population registers for implementation by the PA.
    • Cost estimate for each proposed phase, as well as cost estimate for staff training and human resource to develop and maintain the system