Capacity Building

  • Development Alternatives, Inc (DAI)

    Under the Palestinian Enterprise Development Project implemented by Development Alternatives Inc, Dimensions consulting was contracted to improve the Palestine Federation of Industry’s (PFI) financial Management , Dimensions Consulting provided the PFI with technical support to train their financial staff on donors reporting requirements; supervised the process of entering accounting data for the year 2006; prepared various types of external and internal  financial reports such as annual, monthly and quarterly financial statements, monthly bank reconciliations, budget versus actual expenditures report, periodic progress reports, and monthly, quarterly, and annual project statement of revenues and expenditures. 

    Among the major tasks, Dimensions Consulting amended PFI’s financial policies; created a proper archiving and filling system for PFI’s finance department; supervised the financial component of proposals presented by PFI to donors; facilitated the adoption of new customized chart of account; built the budgeting process and compiling 2008 budget; followed up on the recommendations on the internal control structure as noted in the assessment report; and established an appropriate costing system.

    Also, Dimensions Consulting reviewed, upgraded, and created certain parts of the financial management system for the Palestine Federation of Industry (PFI) that is compatible with PFI’s new accounting software and other parts of the system.

  • Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI)

    The Palestinian Federation of Industries “PFI” is the national institution representing the Palestinian industrial sector through its federation association. PFI along with its technical division, Industrial modernization center IMC ,and as part of  PFI services to advance and modernize the Palestinian industry  through adapting with both technological and business latest development and advances, is to implement a specialized training in financial Management within the West bank to local Palestinian individuals associated within the industrial community, or simply interested community, or simply interested in advancing their quality related skills and knowledge.

    In this regard, Dimensions team of experts has delivered three days of world class training on inventory management, with the aim of training the participants to master the requirements of inventory management, covering the following topics.

    • Objectives of inventory management.
    • Typical inventory management problems faced by Palestinian companies.
    • Supply chain model of business.
    • Inventory management models.
    • Standard academic approaches, I.e. EOQ, and why don’t they work in Palestine.
    • Simple substitutes for expensive ERP system and their impact on improving business performances.
    • Inventory management tools and techniques that can be applied in Palestine.



    In efforts to strengthen the role of paltrade’s training unit, so as to meet the increasing demand of the private sector in the field of marketing and sales, Dimensions Consulting team of experts provided a marketing and sales training program for a number of the local companies.

     In this assignment, Dimensions Consulting had delivered Four days of applied marketing and sales training program conducted for up to 20 clients of the local firms. Furthermore, the provided training materials were enriched with discussions and examples; visual applications, audios and images; and group exercises. In addition, Dimensions Consulting was able to deliver an evaluation report on the proceedings of the training course, including the following main sections:

    • Activity overview: (Introduction, instructor, venue, program outline, beneficiaries, goals, and implementation method).
    • Activity Evaluation: (techniques, results, analysis and recommendation).
    • Annexes: (attendance schedule and photos).


  • Municipal Development fund (MDLF)

    The Municipal Development Program (MDP) aims at supporting the delivery of effective municipal services through demand-based infrastructure investments and capacity building for local governments.

    Therefore, Dimensions Consulting improved the capacity of MDLF and municipal engineers and financial staff who were responsible for the selection and preparation of infrastructure sub-projects through conducting specialized training programs in economic and financial analysis including cost-benefit analyses.

    The cost benefit analysis training program targeted over 110 municipalities in the West Bank and Gaza and covered every governorate in West Bank and Gaza.

    Some notable topics covered by the assignments were: presentation of the economic analysis and the reasons for it; definition of the used economic and financial terminologies; different methodologies used for economic and financial analysis; comparing economic costs with benefits for different types of projects; etc.