Market Research & Analysis

  • Masrouji Co. Ltd.

    Dimensions Consulting Company assisted Masrouji Import Company – a leading importer of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics – to identify the feasibility of six new products of the company. The feasibility assessment was based on a market research that covered West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

    Detailed information about each of the 6 products were obtained from the market using different data collection techniques, and were then analyzed with the purpose of assessing the business feasibility of these products.

    Based on this market research, a decision was made by Masrouji Import Company regarding the products to reach the Palestinian market. In addition, results of the research were used in formulating the marketing strategies and marketing mix for the feasible products

  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT)

     Dimensions consulting conducted a diligence and efficiency ICT Sector profile for the West Bank and Gaza. The profile aimed at providing a clear and brief overview of the market and the opportunities therein. Furthermore, Dimensions Consulting prioritized these opportunities and described the related near future challenges for the alternatives presented and discussed.

    Our comprehensive market report included an assessment of the main local and foreign companies; number of job employed in the ICT sector; relative maturity; trade perspective and future trends.  Dimensions Consulting met and gathered information from the Palestinian IT Association of companies (PITA), Paltrade, Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, donors’ projects, research organization / individuals.

    Dimensions consulting put at their disposal a complete database of all players in Palestine. The database included the number of jobs created at each company, its main investors and the size of each company among other relevant information.

    Upon out a stakeholder analysis and mapping, Dimensions Consulting conducted structured interviews and identified information related to challenges facing ICT companies, Canadian support to the ICT sector, access to finance, local and foreign competition, major funded projects through donors and foreign companies, governmental regulations (policies and taxation), current market trends and sub sectors and other relevant information.

    A case study was developed in order to finalize the assessment by addressing the success stories of the Canadian support to the ICT sector.

  • Amaar Real Estate Group

    Dimensions consulting conducted a market research to identify major factors that confluence in the profitability of an Amusement Water Park and Resort in Jericho, and survey study in order to define the profiles of the prospective customers of the Water Park and Resort.

    These potential customers were indentified in West Bank, East Jerusalem and Israel. Dimensions consulting collected over 700 questionnaires upon which Dimensions Consulting defined customers profile, customer preferences, customer habits, and customer behavior and expenditure patterns.

    Furthermore, Dimensions Consulting conducted a market mapping of existing competition in Israel and Jordan; performed a benchmark analysis on the international best practice regarding operating models and value chains for Water Parks and Resorts, products and services line of businesses, and customer experience; proposed a business model covering client segmentation, value preposition, relational model, key activities, and key resources to ensure the effectiveness of the Water Park  and Resort as well as the equation of benefits by defining the price schedule.

    Our study is considered as cornerstone as it breaks down and highlights the main following categories: customers, major player in the field, and the success and failure factors. 

  • SOS Children Villages (SOS CV)

    Dimensions consulting conducted a market research to identify and assess a segment of institutional partnership development institutions. Our main objective was to contribute to the financial sustainability of the National Association (NA) by providing information on where local institutional funding opportunities exist and how they can be tapped into thorough an analysis of the local donor market.

    In addition, Dimensions Consulting provided a clear and holistic analysis of the mechanisms used by other NGOs (working in the field of children’s rights) to raise institutional funds at local level that will help the National Associations of Palestine to develop new strategies to approach the local institutional funding market. This included: a list of potential competitive and potential collaborative organizations; and an analysis of the what, why and how of crucial networks and partnerships working on child issues that SOS can leverage themselves against.

    Throughout a survey study with over 100 questionnaires, Dimensions Consulting identified potential local, national and international donors including foundations relevant to the fields of interventions of SOS CV, and developed an Institutional Donor Matrix/Database that included: local, national, international, bilateral and multilateral donors including foundations relevant to the fields of interventions of SOS CV and external funding sources.

    Dimensions consulting detailed the donors preference of themes and priorities for program funding such as poverty reduction, strengthening civil society, capacity development, education, health, human/child rights and emergency response / humanitarian aid.

    Ultimately, Dimensions Consulting devised new strategies on how to pursue new business development for the NA (fundraising and partnership building) Dimensions Consulting set up the strategic framework, its inputs, outputs and outcome (results), objectives and action plan; communication channels and stakeholder analysis. 

  • Development Alternatives, Inc (DAI)

    Under the Palestinian Enterprise Development Project implemented by Development Alternatives Inc, Dimensions Consulting was contracted to develop an assessment to measure trends in market size and market share of domestic enterprises, aiming to identify expansion challenges and opportunities and recommend specific activities for firms and sector stakeholders to improve their market share in the domestic market. The sub-sectors: dairy, footwear, furniture, printing, and garment were analyzed consequently.

    The information obtained through the markets share assessments include: Domestic market size and share; Recent sub-sector trends in sales, enterprises, employment; Capacity utilization in the sub-sector; Geographic distribution in sales throughout WBGS, Israel, and foreign markets; Competitive analysis of sub-sector capacity; Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the domestic market;  Strategic recommendations to build domestic market share in the short term with a long term orientation.

  • PADICO Holding

    Dimensions consulting was contracted to to provide PADICO holding with a comprehensive review on real estate sector development in East Jerusalem.  The study entailed gathering a literary review of all studies and documents previously prepared by real estate development initiatives in East Jerusalem and providing an analysis and summary of findings.

    Using the findings Dimensions Consulting team analyzed the economic activities pertaining to real estate development in East Jerusalem capturing investment opportunities and documenting them in a SWOT Analysis. Finally, Dimensions Consulting gave a final summary presentation to decision makers.