Procedures Manuals

  • Development Alternatives, Inc (DAI) - BAYAN Project

    BAYAN is a three years, 6 millions project, that aims to strengthen the Accountability and transparency in the legislative process; strengthen the broader legislative community; and implement small grants program to assist civil society in supporting the above activities in the West  Bank and Gaza Strip (WBGS).

    Under the scope of the above mentioned project, Dimensions Consulting developed a specialized budget analysis toolkit and user manual as well as training on the use of the developed toolkit to represent BAYAN’s key specialized CSO partners and/or universities in the WBGS.

    Among the main activities, Dimensions Consulting guided and helped CSO’s and Government’s representatives understand and analyze government budget; shared best practices; explained the budget cycle; gave them an overview of the role of CSOs and Government at all stages and levels of the budget process; provided a guide to analyzing revenues; and, expenditures and link them to policies of Palestinian Authority ministries.

    Following the preparation of the training manual, training materials, and the analysis tool, Dimensions Consulting facilitated and implemented two training workshops (5 training days each), one in Ramallah, and one in Gaza.

  • Municipal Development & Leading Fund

    Dimensions Consulting have been contracted by the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF) through the Municipal Development Program (MDP) funded by the World Bank, International Development Association, AFD, Denmark, SIDA, GIZ, and KFW to support and enhance the capacity of the Budgetary Department at the Ministry of Local Government by providing a procedure manual to review and approve the municipal budgets.

    Dimensions consulting completed the follow:

    • Reviewed the existing manual that was previously developed by the MDLF
    • Reviewed the existing MIS system presented at the MOLG for budget analysis
    • Performed needs assessment for the needs of the budgetary department in terms of controlling the process of reviewing and approving the budget of the municipalities
    • Developed the call for budgets letters at each department of the targeted municipalities.
  • Palestinian Investment Fund

    Dimensions consulting revised the procurement policies manual of the Palestinian Investment Fund according to the internationally accepted procedures, in order to make sure that it complies with the central bank procurement policies and that it guarantees the transparency, good governance, effectiveness and efficiency of managing the procurement processes.

  • Improvement of Business Process and Information Management – PARF Project

    The Policy Advice and Reform Fund (PARF) Project is a flexible advisory and capacity development facility that support policy reforms  and administrative reforms and strengthen the capacities of Palestinian government bodies in the fields of strategic planning and implementation of corresponding reform programs.  The PARF is in cooperation of the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development (MoPAD). 

    Dimensions Consulting contributed to build their institutional capacity through strengthening its business and information management procedures and enabling it to operate through a centralized computer supported system; provide a proper data collection mechanism and documentations for fund beneficiaries in order to assure adequate follow up and reporting mechanism; facilitate the services provision of the fund and allow better outreach; provide statistical and research tools and data, enabling the fund in the future to build projects and policies that will empower the beneficiaries.

    Dimensions consulting developed standard operating procedures for the Alimony Fund in addition to supplying and implementing the required workflow applications and database system. Moreover, training courses on technical support to the provided application and management information system solution were given.

  • Ministry of Education

    Dimensions consulting were subcontracted for the benefit of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to conduct an operational manual that ultimately will contribute to the development of the organization in line with the best practices for the public institutions.

    Under this assignment, Dimensions consulting assessed the financial management functions and delivered an improved process of the following sections: general accounting; projects accounting; treasury; procurement; financial planning; internal auditing; and revenues.

    In addition of the process mapping, Dimensions Consulting identified and enhanced the financial procedures and policies currently established in the department of the MoE.

    Furthermore,  Dimensions Consulting detailed the functional roles and responsibilities of the financial department by defining: elements to be accountable and objectives to be achieved in the implementation of the procedures; scope of procedure implementation and road map; ownership of the procedure implementation; step by step documentation of the detail activities of the procedures; flow chart;  supporting software related to procedures; challenges; and timetable for setting dates associated with the implementation.